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We all try to  find  balance in our lives between work, family, personal care, and all the parts of ourselves that need expression.

As a real estate broker, I  get to use my left brain a lot. I'm a trouble shooter and a problem solver; a deliberate, detail-oriented, rational thinker. This is half of who I am.

But my purpose in life goes beyond making a commission selling real estate. I also want to help others on a personal level. That's the other side of me. And that side matters to me a great deal.

I've been a life coach and a hypnotherapist for many years. I usually do coaching on a pro-bono basis (my contribution to the greater good) the need to contribute  being part of this balance I seek.

So instead of keeping this part of myself separated, I've decided to add it to my real estate offerings, as a complimentary bonus.

I'm offering my real estate clients a complimentary 1 hour conversation to help them discover their personality type. I guarantee that the insights you'll get from this hour will change your life forever. You will start understanding what is truly at work in the background... in other words, you'll get in touch with your subconscious mind, the operating system that controls your behavior, unbeknownst to you.

And to get you started on this journey of self-discovery, please see below  a quick overview of the dynamics of personal growth:


If you've seen this great episode of Seinfeld titled “The Opposite”, you'll remember how George was able to turn his life around in just one day, by doing exactly the opposite of what he would normally do. Historically single, unemployed and broke, he was able to land an attractive girlfriend, a job with the Yankees, and a nice apartment, by just doing "the opposite".
How do we change ourselves? How do we grow?  How do we adopt new effective habits?
Have you ever been ready for change, feeling good, motivated, driven to eliminate some unwanted behavior?  But then after a couple of days, losing your drive and reverting back to the old behavior...   and wondering why it is so  hard to let go of bad habits?
The reason is “homeostasis”: the force in all living things that preserves their stability and permanence. A change of habit is a disruption in the status quo, and our system is designed to resist such disruptions.
"Wanting to change ourself" is merely a decision of the intellect, but the intellect is not the whole self... in fact the intellect is just a small portion of our "self".

What truly controls our behavior is our "Subconscious Mind".

What is the subconscious mind?    Simply the sum of our  emotions, sensations, instincts, feelings, memories, beliefs, self-beliefs... and our personality.

When our subconscious is not aligned with the idea of change, we cannot successfully will our way to change. If our heart doesn't desire the change,  if our body doesn't enjoy the change, the change doesn't last.  Often, the heart is lagging, if the belief in self is insufficient: too little self-esteem, too little confidence, too little self-love... Sometimes, the sensate body is the one sabotaging the growth by clinging on to immediate gratification. 

For behavior change to last, our logical mind, our heart's desire, and our sensate body, must all be  aligned.
The struggle of self-improvement illustrates how dependent we are on processes beyond our awareness and control. Childhood trauma, unconscious personality patterns, limiting beliefs, as well as the lure of immediate physical gratification, hinder our growth. 

To reconnect with these hidden pieces of ourselves, certain protocols must be followed. The emotional body, also known as the subconscious mind, holds the keys to our personal growth.

Emotion is Energy in Motion.

Our emotions (positive or negative energies that travel through our body) and our sensations, are interconnected, and bounce off of each other.

Emotions feed motivation: when we are moved emotionally, we get the motivation  to act differently. So in order to stay motivated to change,  we must maintain a positive feeling about the desired outcome.

This can be achieved by imagining and visualizing what our life would be if we had already achieved what we want...

To stay motivated, remember to visualize in great details your ideal self, throughout the day, as many times as needed, and stay focused on that positive feeling.

Pretend you're already the person you want to be.  Walk, talk , dress, act, and feel like he or she would... 


Happiness Stems From the Alignment of Consciousness, Feeling, and Instinct,
In the Pursuit of One's Life’s Purpose.


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